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'The only thing worse about being talked about is not being talked about'-
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Online Reputation Management has emerged as the largest part of the SEO World and should be recognised as a key factor in any company or brand's PR campaign. Let Salt's team of experts manage your online reputation while you focus on your core business. While initially a public relations term, advancement in the Internet and Social Media has made it primarily an issue of search results.

Salt's team of experts recognise how negative publicity can jeopardize your company or brand's sales, revenue and even hiring ability and future prospects. Therefore our Reputation Management strategy is specifically focused on pushing down negative search results by employing SEO to negate such commentary, whether it be true or false. In this way Salt contributes to the bridging of the gap between how your company perceives itself and how others view it.

Our services in this field that we employ are various, both proactive and reactive in their focus and we have an extremely successful track record represented in our portfolio of clients. Our techniques include utilising online feedback to affect product development, responding effectively and efficiently to customer complaints, and requesting that incorrect data or potentially damaging data to be removed from websites. Through these means our team of professionals ensure our clients develop and retain a powerfully positive image online.

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