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Are you trying to find an all-inclusive solution for your online design and marketing needs? The problem The problem with outsourcing design and marketing services to different service providers comes with the meshing of different styles, which can leave you with a disjoint in the two.

Salt Branding is an all-inclusive marketing agency Singapore, and we can handle both the design and marketing aspects for your brand or corporate image. This will be more cost and time effective and will ensure that you have a fluid campaign in all aspects, since the same people on the design are handling the marketing.

At Salt Branding, we have successfully provided solutions for organizations of all kinds – Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C), commercial and non-profit, large MNC and small private SMEs. As far as experience goes, we have what it takes to run a successful and cost-efficient online marketing campaign.

Our top priority is to enable our clients achieve their goals through targeted and effective marketing campaigns, increasing the profitability and revenues realized as well as improving communication and engagement with clients and stakeholders.

Direct email marketing
Targeted email marketing is an important avenue for outreach to clients. It allows communication of important information on products and services as well as maintenance of good client-business relationships by sharing information on various subjects that would be beneficial to such individuals.
  • Creation of newsletters and Electric Direct Mailer (EDM)
  • Tracking email open-rate and click-through of links
  • Feedback on bounced and unread emails
  • Mass mail-out to targeted mailing lists
  • Inclusion of auto unsubscription functionality
  • Comprehensive reports on all aspects at the end of the campaign
Email marketing vs. Social media marketing

It is a widely held school of thought with the advent of active social media that it makes for a better marketing platform than direct mail marketing. However, without further information, this is a premise that could misguide many business owners.

Deciding which avenue to take as an organization can be a daunting task, particularly where funds for marketing are limited such as is common with the smaller businesses. The avenue that would be best suited depends on a host of factors which differ from organization to organization.

If you are unable to decide which avenue will be better suited for you, contact your leading marketing agency Singapore Salt Branding today and we will help you weigh your options vis-à-vis your goals and settle on which to apply to your campaign.

Other digital marketing services we offer include: Social media marketing Search engine marketing Search engine optimization Online marketing – ads on popular websites SMS marketing

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